Ecoventania Turismo Aventura
Villa Ventana, Martes 25 de Junio de 2024



Villa Ventana
is a village in the forest, surrounded by hills, where birds live freely and make our pleasure listening their sounds, as an example of the peace you can enjoy in this place. This 300 has Woods village, 400 m above the sea level surrounded by water streams, makes a green island among the hills. From our garden, we can enjoy a beautiful sight of Tres Picos, a 1300 m steep mountain.

From the village to the historic site Ex Club Hotel there is only a ten minutes romantic green walk.

We can also enjoy visiting cute handcrafters, the factory of "alfajores" and mermelade, or having tea in any of the cozy tea houses.

Our place, built on an excellent location and pioneer in the touristic development is five minutes far from "Parque Provincial Ernesto Tornquist", where we can watch local fauna and flora and get information about how to get the principal attraction sites.


Pillahuinco st. and Siete Colores st. Villa Ventana, Tornquist, Buenos Aires
Phone (02983) 422454, (0291) 4910060.

Cabañas Ñuke Mapu® Hab. Municipal N° V.A. 008 - CUIT 27-05388247-7
6 cabañas de 2 a 6 personas equipadas con T.V., microondas y parrillas, rodeadas de amplio parque con pileta de natación.